Ceiling Leak – Water coming through the ceiling

Help, my ceiling is leaking!

Have you returned home or woken up to find water coming through your ceiling? Have you Googled, “water is coming through my ceiling, what do I do?” If so, you have found the right website as we can help you with your ceiling leak. Technically speaking, ceilings do not leak. Ceiling’s themselves do not have water within them! (You may have worked that one out for yourself). It is what is within, or above the ceiling that is going to be the cause of your leaking ceiling. We are here to work our leak detection magic and use or leak detection assessment methods to diagnose your ‘ceiling leak’.

Ceiling Leak

Ceiling leak London

Thermal Image of Water Damage to a Ceiling Leak

Ceiling Leak Thermal Image

Ceiling Leak London

Water staining from a 'ceiling leak'





















“My ceiling is leaking”

If you are trying to find out why there is water coming through your ceiling and you have asked the question, “why is my ceiling leaking?” or “my ceiling is leaking, what do I do?”, then we can help you. When you contact us, we will help you get to the bottom of your ceiling leak through use of thermal imaging leak detection equipment, and ultrasound leak detection equipment. These are methods used which do not involve us breaking open your ceiling immediately. People use our service because we can often save time and money by tracing the water source of your ceiling leak, back to where the water leak has come from, without damaging the property further in the process.


Call us today if you are based in and around London, on 07743371384 (direct contact telephone number), and we will advise you as best a we can, and if needs be, schedule attendance. Call waterdamage.co.uk to get help with your leaking ceiling in London.